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You know who’s really fucking dumb? Insurance companies. They gave my mom a quote for my insurance since I have a new car. They sent another statement saying it’s going to be almost double. Why? Because I have a singular speeding ticket, which I paid in full. Insurance companies can suck a smelly booty hole. Luckily we got them to take it down a bit. 



All those times you thought you felt a text message were actually a cute lil ghost who wanted to be your friend

You monster


Read the text post in the source link for an important Hejibits update!

It’s bad enough I’m in an awful mood but my friend is in the same boat so I tried to cheer him up which obviously didn’t help and I can sense he’s annoyed and that just makes me feel worse. If you didn’t to talk to me just don’t respond.

I’m just glad my job is buying us pizza and beer today